Five Things Writing and Running Have in Common

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  1. Both take practice. If I’ve been lazy and haven’t put any time into writing or running, my creative brain and my aging legs become sluggish. Both are in constant need of exercise.
  2. Neither one is glamorous. Two examples from my life: Camping in front of the computer screen at noon, still in my pajamas. Meeting someone for the first time minutes after finishing a run who comments, “Wow, you don’t look anything like your author photo!” Yeah,that.
  3. Both are essential to my psychological well being. When days—dare I say weeks?—pass by without any writing or running, combustible stuff builds up inside me. If I don’t download my thoughts, unleash some energy, and release the pressure, something’s going to blow and it won’t be pretty.
  4. It helps to tell yourself little white lies. At times when my legs or my brain begin to run out of steam, I mentally commit to keep going just as far as the next tree, park bench, or paragraph—take your pick—and then I’m allowed to stop. Even though I probably won’t stop, giving myself permission to do so is liberating. Time after time, I reach my fictitious mark and then I continue on.  
  5. Distractions can be detrimental, perhaps even dangerous. It’s so easy to get derailed. As I recently discovered, these pesky distractions can not only lead to fewer words on the page but also a fractured tooth!

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