New YA SciFi: Hooked by DeAnna Browne

Calling all scifi fans! This is only the second book I’ve featured on my blog so listen up! DeAnna Browne’s new YA novel, Hooked, will be released on Tuesday, March 20, 2018. I was lucky enough [...]


Funny Things Happen When You Write About Aliens

Raise your hand if the Roswell New Mexico UFO Festival appears in the top five on your bucket list. What? It’s not even in the top ten? Broaden your horizons! Chasing aliens is much more fun than [...]


Why I Write Science Fiction: Part 2

Why do I write science fiction? It’s simple: To explore the possibilities of existence. Admittedly, human beings are mere children in the grand scheme of the universe. There is so much we do not [...]


Why I Write Science Fiction

When I got serious about writing a novel, my first decision revolved around genre. The only possible genre for me was science fiction. No surprise. After all, we write what we love to read. [...]