Stars on Ruby Mountain

How do you know who you can trust when you can't even remember who you are?


How do you escape when your worst nightmare becomes your greatest desire?

Scattering Stars

Eve Hunter is entangled in a deadly game - and time is running out to master the rules. One wrong move could jeopardize the future of the planet.

Young Adult Science Fiction

Losing your memory might be the best way to find out who you are.

A teenage girl recovers in a Sacramento hospital, the sole survivor of a terrible accident that killed her parents—parents she can’t remember. All she knows for sure is she’s in danger. For the girl, known only as Angie, staying put is not an option.

After saving a friend from a vicious attack reveals she’s no ordinary human, Angie races to find a safe place. A chance encounter with the intriguing Michael Winter leads her over the Sierras to Lake Tahoe, where she’s nearly abducted. As she escapes to Colorado, she struggles to unravel who she is and where she came from; instead, the mystery of her identity deepens. Her only hope is to find the truth before it’s too late.


Every year thousands of teens apply for neuroenhancement—or acceleration. A select few are chosen. With superhuman abilities to learn and analyze information, these accelerants are sought after by government and business leaders around the world. But there’s a catch. Acceleration causes brain deterioration. Within twenty years, every one of them will be dead.

Sixteen-year-old Ami Evans and three other military cadets are given a six-month assignment to monitor the newest accelerants in Boulder, Colorado. Their goal is to discover everything they can about the acceleration program, but when one of their subjects dies on the day they arrive, they’re thrust into a deadly conspiracy. Who killed the accelerant? What’s their motive? And more importantly, who’s next?

Something in Ridgway seems strange…perhaps even alien.

Deep in the Colorado Mountains lie many secrets. One of them could change the world.

When sixteen-year-old Eve Hunter returns to her childhood home of Ridgway, Colorado, she discovers a tight-knit colony of scientists and their families led by her grandfather, Jarak. Ten years earlier, her mother drowned suspiciously in a nearby canyon, and Eve becomes convinced the townspeople are hiding something. By lineage, Eve belongs to the colony and despite her reservations, she feels drawn to the colonists—particularly one of them: Daniel Winter, an eerily familiar, intense boy whose determination to monitor her and all the colonists is more than a little disturbing.

After Jarak reveals her true heritage, Eve learns her return to Ridgway is not a coincidence. She’s a key piece in Jarak’s plan. As secrets are revealed, Eve becomes entangled in a deadly game—and time’s running out to master the rules. One wrong move could jeopardize the future of the planet.

Scattering Stars is sure to be a hit with anyone who appreciates the young adult, science fiction genre. There’s something about this book that keeps you coming back for more – teen angst, humanized aliens, colorful Colorado descriptions – you’ll be ready to start book 2 before you even finish!  ~Kristen Belschner


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