Funny Things Happen When You Write About Aliens

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Raise your hand if the Roswell New Mexico UFO Festival appears in the top five on your bucket list. What? It’s not even in the top ten? Broaden your horizons! Chasing aliens is much more fun than chasing Pokémon. With captivating presentations like the Anatomy of a UFO Abduction Experience, Presidents and UFOs, and the Alien End Game, this festival is a science fiction writer’s dream come true. Take note: The 2017 Roswell UFO Festival is June 29-July 2!

I realize not everyone is excited about outer space. When I tell people my book is about aliens, I usually get one of two reactions: “That’s cool! I can’t wait to read it,” or “I’m not much of a science fiction person.” But every now and then, I get someone who responds with great interest and enthusiasm. Within minutes, they’re eagerly relating a detailed account of their own experience with UFOs or aliens. I’ve had similar reactions from good friends and complete strangers.

One day I was hanging out at the park with my golden retriever when a man I’d talked with many times asked what my book was about. Upon learning it was about aliens, he asked, “Do you believe in aliens?” I said I believed life existed on other planets, but I didn’t think aliens were visiting Earth. His eyes blazed with intensity, and his voice dropped. “Well I do,” he said. “Because I’ve seen their spaceships.” What followed was a passionate testimonial about his sighting of alien ships in the New England night sky. He wasn’t the first to share an extraterrestrial encounter.

Another strange incident happened during a bone density scan.  Everything proceeded normally until the radiologist found out I was a science fiction writer. (Cue the fire in the eyes and the slight lowering of the voice.) “Let me tell you about my experience,” she said. “When I was a teenager, I saw a strange green glow as I was walking home from a dance one night. I felt compelled to investigate, and the next thing I know, I’m home in bed and five hours have passed.” She hadn’t been drinking or smoking anything—my first question—and she never saw the green glow again. “For years afterwards,” she continued, “I felt a hard, oval-shaped object in my arm, and when I finally had it removed, the doctors couldn’t identify it.” She never actually said the word “abduction,” but she insisted that she had gone “somewhere” during those missing hours.


Do you have an alien story?

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