“Reclamation”: The Thrilling Sequel to “Eruption” by Adrienne Quintana

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Reclamation is finally†here! Iím so excited about the sequel to Adrienne Quintanaís riveting time travel novel, Eruption. This is the first time Iíve done a book review on my blog and Iím picky, so listen up! I have good news and bad news, and since the bad news is relatively minor, Iíll start with that. You must read Eruption before tackling Reclamation. The story picks up where the first book left off, and if you arenít familiar with the background, it can be difficult to grasp whatís happening. However, the good news is the Kindle eBook version of Eruption is on sale for a limited time at a killer price!

The novel opens as Jace Vega wakes up three years after the eruption of Mt. Hood. The love of her life is missing, sheís married to someone else, and sheís just had a baby. Traveling through time has disrupted her life, and nothing is as it should be. She soon discovers she and her unfamiliar family are in danger. Victor Trent is hunting for them, determined to extract the Point of Origin from Jaceís memory. Even if she could remember, she has no intentions of sharing this information with him. Victorís company, Omnibus, has woven a web of deceit, convincing the global community to embrace their technology and surrender their privacy. The clock is ticking, and Jace must find a way to retrieve her memories and stop Victor Trent before he destroys everything.

Since Reclamation is a time travel book, the first few chapters familiarize the reader with the altered time line while also drawing from previous time lines. At times itís a bit difficult to follow, especially since Jace has flashbacks. These flashbacks are foreign to Jace and the reader, causing moments of confused head-scratching by both parties. It can take several chapters for the reader to get their footing, but as soon as clarity hits, the story takes off at a rapid pace and never slows down. The writing is crisp, the plot is compelling, and characters are diverse and multi-layered. If youíre looking for an action-packed, science fiction thriller with a touch of romance, this book is for you!



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