In Case You Missed It…Stars on Ruby Mountain Came Out!

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What a crazy six or seven months I’ve had. And here I thought 2019 was supposed to be my lucky year. Between health and personal challenges, my writing production has been positively shameful. I’m about ready to call it quits and move on to 2020. Anybody with me? Still there are five months left to go, and I’m hoping things are on the way up!

Meanwhile in the midst of the chaos, I somehow managed to publish the sequel to Scattering Stars in May. Isn’t the cover amazing? I’m so happy with the way my new book turned out, despite the fact that my beta readers nixed a lot of the awesome—though probably way too long—passages of geographical and historical facts about Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and Colorado I wanted to include. Lucky for you, my readers! 😉

So, just in case you’ve been anxiously awaiting the release of Stars on Ruby Mountain, and you missed my limited announcements, check it out! Hope you love my new book baby!

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