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From the time I learned to read, I’ve tried to read everything in sight. As a young girl, I remember reading every billboard as we drove along the Florida Turnpike. If anyone ever wanted to know what restaurants or attractions lay ahead or how far it was to the next rest area, I had the answer. I guess it could be said that I started looking for signs early in life.

I believe signs are everywhere. We just have to take the time to notice them. Some signs reveal what we should be doing and others show us where we should be going. I have a writer friend who recently opened a fortune cookie that said, “You should write a book.” I have another friend who decided to marry her boyfriend because they shared the same FIRST and MIDDLE names. (This is absolutely true, although his name was not the only reason she married him!) I have saved countless quotes, messages, and yes, even fortunes from cookies, because they’ve answered burning questions or inspired me to set a particular course.

One example is the number nineteen, which has usually signaled something positive for me. I was born on the nineteenth of August, my husband on the nineteenth of September, and my daughter-in-law on the nineteenth of January. Even my dog has a birthday on the nineteenth in the month of February. There have been many times that nineteen has showed up to reassure me or point me in a particular direction—too many times to discount.

Another sign popped up last week. I had a doctor’s appointment that I’d been dreading ever since setting it up several weeks ago. It wasn’t because this was a new doctor or that I anticipated bad news, but rather because I’m someone whose health problems tend to be complicated. As I reached the office, I glanced at the names of the practitioners on the door, and my concerns melted away. Second on the list was the name Emily Bates, followed by the designation APN (Advanced Practice Nurse). I smiled as I thought of my wonderful friend in Washington, also named Emily Bates. It was a sign.

My sons have also had signs in the decisions they’ve made. My oldest son was living in Denver when he received an unexpected job offer from a firm in Jacksonville, Florida. Although he grew up in California, Nevada, and Colorado, in 1995 when the Jacksonville Jaguars joined the NFL, he became an instant Jaguars fan. Not surprisingly, he took the job in Jacksonville. My youngest son and his fiancée looked at houses in upstate New York for several months. When they finally found one located on Shirley Road, I immediately felt good about the property. Shirley is my mother’s name.

Whether you view these signs as mere coincidences or evidences of God’s hand in your life, it couldn’t hurt to pay attention to them. You just might be surprised what you discover.

*Sign, Sign, Everywhere A Sign is the title of a song by The Five Man Electrical Band, 1971.

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  • PJ

    I am a huge believer in signs like that. And I save fortune cookie messages too.

    • Wendy C Jorgensen

      I’m thinking it’s about time to go out for Chinese food–you know, so I can get the cookie!

  • Elaine jensen

    Love this! Now I see the significance of signs. Love knowing you!

    • Wendy C Jorgensen

      It’s nice to get to know you too. What a surprise to see we’re distant cousins, many times removed!

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