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This is it—my official piece of real estate in cyberspace! No one could be as surprised as I am. As someone who has always preferred to operate under the radar, web exposure is a big step. Although I dreamed of writing fiction for many years, I’ve only recently connected delivering books to the world with establishing a presence on the web. This site is my personal AI—artificial intelligence for non-science types—lurking in the shadows to entice readers into my world. What a concept.

The website exists to explore books and writing. Books I have always loved. As a child, reading was a safe haven, an escape from chaotic situations I felt unequipped to handle. Reading allowed me to journey with bold, fearless characters to captivating, unfamiliar places. Books supplied me with courage and hope. After all, if the fictional characters I hung out with could survive their disasters and conquer the world, I could too.

Writing began as a way for me to interpret the world, helping me explore who I was and what I wanted. When I was angry, sad, or happy—I wrote feverishly in my journal. Those pages became my constant confidant. I dreamed of writing stories about my life and changing the endings so things worked out the way I wanted. Writing was not only therapeutic and enlightening. It was powerful.

How have books and writing changed your life?

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  • Diane

    Love the title and fascinating story line. The photos make me want to visit these alluring places. Can’t wait to know more about this engaging book!

    • Wendy C Jorgensen

      Thanks for your support, Diane!

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