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It’s been said that a writer is someone who always has homework. Once you embark on a journey to create stories, you’ll wonder what filled your head before you started the writing gig. The ideas may come fast and furious, but the production of publishable content, not so much. If you’re going to be a writer, you’ve got to ditch the excuses and get to work.

A few writers have joined together to present a weekly podcast on Sunday night called Writing Excuses. Seven hosts, including the incomparable Brandon Sanderson, share tips and chip away at excuses that hinder writing efforts. Another inspirational source on this topic is a friend’s book which comes out in September called Removing Your Writing Roadblocks by Cassie M. Shiels. Although sometimes there are legitimate reasons we do not write, most of the time, we just have excuses.

A recent address entitled Be Responsible by Lynn G. Robbins inspired this post. Although his message focuses on excuses we use to avoid responsibility, his advice can also be applied to writing. A few quotes:

“Excuses never equal results.”

“Excuses keep you from taking control of your life.”

“Difficulty is the one excuse that history never accepts.”

“A determined man finds a way; the other man finds an excuse.” (Quoting David B. Haight)

Now about why I chose the Sharka photo…not that I am a surfer. In fact, I can’t even STAND UP on a surf board, but I do have other interests that distract me from writing. Often it’s the fun stuff that lures us away from finishing our projects. Reading, hobbies, television, sports, recreational activities—the list is endless. It can be tempting to ditch our goals for a sunny day at the beach or a primo powder day on the slopes. These things are all good. Just make sure they aren’t excuses that prevent you from getting what you want in the long run.

Confession: I wrote this blog because I needed it. I can squander my time away better than anyone I know. Hopefully, these thoughts will help me (and you) stay on track and move along. So get busy and quit making excuses! Figure out what your goals are and go after them! There’s never going to be a better time than now.

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