It’s Scary Out There

It’s been a scary few months. We’ve seen massive hurricanes and earthquakes in Texas, Florida, the Caribbean, and Mexico, destructive [...]

No More Excuses!

It’s been said that a writer is someone who always has homework. Once you embark on a journey to create stories, you’ll wonder what [...]

Random Acts in Roswell

I’m happy to report there’s one more adventure I can cross off my bucket list—the Roswell, New Mexico UFO Festival! My husband and I [...]

Words Have Power

For more than a decade, I’ve had a wooden sign displaying the words, “Letting the Cat Out of the Bag is a lot Easier than Putting it [...]

Sprints and Marathons

During a recent run on an atypically hot March morning, I started thinking about sprints and marathons. I’ll never be a sprinter. Not [...]

On Being Middle-Aged

My golden retriever will turn six years old this week. That’s typically middle-aged in dog years. In light of his entering this stage [...]

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